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Safe & Pain-Free Oral Surgery Procedures

Relieve nagging concerns and related pain and discomfort. Quigg Oral Surgery provides valuable wisdom teeth removal that enhances oral health and function.

Oral Evaluation

During your initial visit Dr. Quigg will preform an oral examination, obtain a thorough medical history and take any necessary x-rays. After the oral examination, Dr. Quigg will diagnose and plan for wisdom teeth extraction procedure if needed.

Wisdom Tooth Surgical Procedure

Dr. Quigg recognizes and understands that wisdom tooth extraction can be a necessary procedure to maintain oral health. Dr. Quigg professionally removes wisdom teeth that cause our patients pain due to infection, crowding, or damage to their other teeth. Wisdom tooth extraction is performed under IV sedation to ensure patient comfort. All anesthesia is provided by a medical anesthesiologist thus ensuring a safe and pain free procedure. Dr. Quigg's surgical assistants are highly trained and provide excellent care within our comfortable office setting and make every effort to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable.